The region of Hong Kong is in the China, along the country's southern coast. Hong Kong shares a northern land border with mainland China and is neighbored by the South China Sea to the south, east and west. More » Geography Asia East Asia

Hong Kong is declared as a Special Administrative Region and is technically considered part of China. However, Hong Kong largely operates as an independent country to China because Hong Kong has its own currency, the Hon... More »

The Encyclopædia Britannica states that Hong Kong is not an independent state but a special administrative region under Chinese control. The British returned Hong Kong to China on July 1, 1997. More »

Hong Kong is in the southeastern corner of China. It's located in the eastern part of the Pearl River Delta and faces the South China Sea. More »

Hong Kong is a part of the nation of China, but it is not geographically located within China’s borders. Comprised of over 200 islands, Hong Kong borders the south coast of China and the South China Sea. More »

Macau is located on the southern coast of China, along the Pearl River delta, across from Hong Kong. Macau includes two islands as well, Coloane and Taipa, connected to Macau by three bridges. Macau is 28.2 square kilome... More » Geography Asia East Asia

The capital of Hong Kong is Hong Kong. An area of the city known as Victoria used to house the capital. It has since moved to a more central location within the city. More »