Argentina is bordered by Bolivia for 582 miles, Brazil for 785 miles, Chile for 4,158 miles, Paraguay for 1,573 miles and Uruguay for 336 miles. The South Atlantic Ocean also borders Argentina for 3,100 miles. More »

The eight countries that border France include Belgium, Italy, Germany, Andorra, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and Monaco. France shares around 345 miles of land border with Belgium, 296 miles with Italy, 260 miles with... More » Geography Europe

The Kingdom of Thailand is bordered by four countries: Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar. Thailand is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand in the south and in the Andaman Sea in the west. More »

Brazil is the largest country on the continent of South America, which also includes the countries of Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Three territori... More »

As of 2014 Latin American countries include Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Paraguay, El S... More »

Argentina, along with Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, are founding member nations of Mercosur, an economic and political alliance in Latin America. Venezuela became the latest addition to the coalition, becoming a full-ple... More »

Ten countries border Brazil, including Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. The only countries in South America that do not border Brazil are Ecuador and C... More »