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A lime green shirt could match well with blacks, whites, grays and shades of purple and pink. This is because pink and purple tones are complimentary colors to green, meaning that they are opposite from green on the color wheel.


Depending on the pink, but mostly yes. Separate the colors with neutral colors. If lime green and pink are together in a shirt, then just tone it down with greys and whites (like pants ...


Lime green color is an active and vibrant shade of green and yellow. It can be catchy, almost neon, or more relaxed, as the color of the fruit, whose name was appropriated. Lime green matches good with black and white color combos, but there is one important point: the black in your image in any case should not be much.


To pair any color we would first have to decide wether we want a look that is toned down and pared or a high contrast ensemble. What I concentrate on is the over all look that I want to go for and pair complementary or analogous colors. Tone on t...


Green comes in many hues and shades, ranging from yellow to dark green. A favorite shade of green used in decorating homes is lime green. Green represents rest and relaxation, and it is calming. Because lime green is not too dark or too bright, it goes with several colors in the color wheel.


A very dark green shirt will coordinate with a very deep color of yellow. In just about any case, with any shade of green on a T-shirt, jeans will always work well. It seems that no matter what the T-shirt looks like, what color it is or how dark it is, jeans will always look great with it.


Colors that match green shorts are white, black, a lighter green if they are dark green pants, yellow, and navy blue.


Some colors that meld well with lime green are white, chocolate, pink, blue, yellow, red and orange. When choosing complementary colors for lime green, use a color wheel to select colors that are next to it or directly across from it.


If you are looking for ties that match shirt colors in your wardrobe, ... Hence, a blue’s direct contrasting color is orange, red’s complementary color is green and yellow’s complementary color is purple. Hence, complementary colors form the strongest contrast.


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