Looking at a color wheel, the color matching teal would be coral. However, teal also goes well with navy, pink, cream, and brown and gold tones. More »

Teal is a bluish-green color. It has a low saturation level and is mixed by blending blue and green in a base of white. The addition of gray or black makes darker shades of teal. More »

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Blue and green are mixed to create teal. Teal is a color that falls into either the secondary or tertiary color wheel. More »

Use a simple color wheel to help you utilize matching colors in your outfits. Step by step, you can determine what shades will work depending on your skin tone and personal style. More »

To color-coordinate an outfit, use a color wheel to find colors that complement each other. Try and wear clothes that have the same color tones. Coordinate different shades of the same color. More »

The best way to match clothes in an outfit is by using a color wheel. Start with a base piece, match it according to a complementary or analogous color scheme, and finish with neutral accessories. More »

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Gray matches with nearly every hue on the color wheel because of its neutrality. Gray blends especially well with bold and bright colors, such as orange, blue and green. More »