CuSO4 ranges in color from grayish white in powder form to bright blue in crystal form. Because of the crystal color, CuSO4 is sometimes called bluestone. More »

In painting, which is a form of subtractive color, red and yellow together make orange. In additive color, which is used in television screens, orange is formed from one part green to two parts red. More »

Slate streak colors are used in mineralogy studies to classify properties of a mineral based on the shade of its crushed powder. When rubbed against a porcelain slate, minerals leave streak marks that assist in determini... More »

"Streak" is the word used to describe the color of a diamond when it is reduced to powder form. It has nothing do do with an actual streak. More »

The basic color combination that makes purple or violet is blue and red. Blue and red are primary colors. However, to get a violet or purple color that is not muddy looking, one needs the right types of blue and red colo... More »

Burgundy, a deep reddish brown color named for Burgundy wine, is a mix of red, brown and a little bit of blue. The purple undertone of burgundy is created by the interaction between the red and the blue. Mixing any prima... More »

Some psychologists believe that a person's favorite color can be a direct representation of their personality. For instance, people whose favorite color is blue are thought to be calm, sensitive and reliable, whereas peo... More » Science Colors