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Honduras is a vibrant country, from its history and culture, to its people, cuisine and even the clothes that native Hondurans wear. Reflecting a combination of traditions from indigenous ...


The traditional clothing that is worn in Honduras is mainly used in festivals and certain celebrations. The women wear long dress which are handmade with different colors. The men usually wear all white clothing, a white button shirt, white pants but also wear a red scarf and a sombrero.


Hondurans sometimes wear traditional, handmade clothing, such as white dresses with colored seams made from different colors of yarn and fabric. Traditional clothing is commonly seen during festival celebrations, and it is also typically made for export. Women often wear accessories to go with their traditional dresses.


What to Wear in Honduras A country that is often overlooked by tourists, Honduras has much to offer travelers–from the ruins of Copan to its beautiful islands and culture. Central America is a small region so it’s easy to see many countries in a short amount of time.


Actually, there are various styles of dress, it is all personal preference. But I have found that the tighter the clothes the better is the general mindset. It is extremely hot and humid for most of the year, so flip flops, shorts, and tees are a ...


The metal clothes that were worn by knights is called mail. It was a type of armor that was worn by knights for protection.


Honduras Clothing & Textile Industry Directory MAP Countries World of Clothing Spanish Translation of Apparel Search Agencia Fesmar S.A : they are manufacturers' Representatives working on commission basis in Central America.


The northern region of Honduras is generally hot and humid, while the southern region is hot and dry, and the central region is the coolest area of Honduras due to its elevation.


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Traditional Clothing Honduran women may occasionally wear traditional dresses, which are handmade, often simple white dresses colored at the seams with various colors of yarn or fabric. This type of clothing, however, is usually only worn during f...