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1. Injury to a muscle or tendon, from an accident or strenuous movement, can result in a lump on the back of the neck. The lump may be the muscle itself as it moves in place when damaged. Our muscles and tendons maintain our body shape. You may feel pain, neck stiffness, or have difficulty moving your neck. This is a very common cause of a lump ...


An enlarged lymph node is the most common cause of a neck lump. Lymph nodes contain cells that help your body fight off infections and attack malignant cells, or cancer.When you’re sick, your ...


Causes of Lump On the Back of Your Neck Behind Your Ear: 1. Abscess: An abscess is a tender mass generally surrounded by a colored area from pink to deep red. Often easy to feel by touching, the middle of an abscess is full of pus and debris. These are caused when tissues or cells in a certain area of your body become infected.


Lump on the back of the neck can be cancerous or painless, but our inability to see it clearly keeps us on the tenterhooks on finding a cure.The cure for that lump on the back of the neck is determined by the factors that caused the lump, its appearance, and location.


Lumps on the back of the neck hairline can be the result of skin irritation or acne or may be a sign of a new mole. Other possible causes include muscle knots, cysts, boils, and swollen lymph nodes.


Cancer, certain viral or bacterial infections and autoimmune diseases may cause a lump on the back of the neck, notes Healthline. A neck lump may also occur due to an injury or torticollis. These factors result in the enlargement of lymph nodes, a common cause of the neck mass.


A skin lump is an abnormal area of tissue under the skin or on the surface of the skin, usually, they appear reddish or normal. Development of lump on back of neck near spine is very common. This lump can be hard or soft & varies in sizes may be small or large. Some treatments, home remedies will help these skin lumps


See your provider to have the cause of the neck lump treated. When to Contact a Medical Professional . Call your provider if you have an abnormal neck swelling or lumps in your neck. What to Expect at Your Office Visit . The provider will take your medical history and do a physical exam.


The result is a lump like hump on the back of your neck. What are the consequences of developing this Hunchback? Though this problem may seem simple, the bent spine, neck and the hump together causes a number body problems. Here are some of the consequences and bad effects of developing the hump on the back.. It Causes pain in your neck and back


Lump on back of head and neck. A lump on back of head and neck is also referred to as a neck mass. The bump appearing at the back of your neck could be large and visible, and there are cased when it could be too small to see it. Many lumps appearing in this two areas tend to be benign.