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White gold, especially in some jewelry pieces, may turn yellow over time when its rhodium plating gradually wears off. Rhodium plating is the preferred plating method used on most white gold rings because it is a pure white metal.


How to Avoid White Gold Turning Yellow. Posted by JewelryKind 4 shares. Share. Tweet. Share. Share. 8 comments. White gold is a durable and high quality alternative to sterling silver. Because it doesn’t tarnish, it can be more convenient than silver. However, white gold can also change colors over time. The most common complaint about white ...


Why does your white gold turn yellow? And how to fix it? October 31, 2017 2 Comments Have you checked out your white gold jewelry lately? Is it slowly fading to a yellowing shine? Don't stress; it's not that your sebum or sweat is staining it, nor is it because you got a low-quality piece of bling. ... So why does white gold turn yellow? Just ...


So why does your beautiful White Gold Jewelry look Yellow?. It’s a very Good Question that a lot of people ask. Jeweler’s always have to Explain what White Gold is and why it turns that Ugly Yellow Hue!. People think that their Rings aren’t REAL because it turns colors, like somehow they’ve been Ripped Off!


The resulting white gold can have a yellowish hue, whose intensity will depend on how much white metal is mixed in – after all, a significant part of the material still consists of yellow gold. To remove this yellow tinge, many jewelers plate white gold with rhodium. The resulting jewelry looks more like platinum, only a lot more affordable.


White gold is an alloy, meaning that (for example) 14k white gold is made up of 14 parts gold (which is naturally yellow) and 10 parts other metals, generally during the finishing process, these are plated with rhodium.Rhodium both protects the finish and adds a white brilliance (as it is a member of the platinum group of metals).


In short, white gold is not a metal in itself, as pure gold is yellow. White gold is actually gold alloys (mixed with white metals), that have the typical 'white' color due to the rhodium plating. As the plating fades with time, the inner alloy is exposed and this is the reason for white gold turning yellow.


Why your white gold ring turns yellow My white gold ring turned yellowish. This is a customer complaint that we hear about almost on a daily basis. A quick internet search reveals numerous consumer complaints and inaccurate explanations as to the cause of white gold looking yellowish.


The other day a customer came in witha ringshe purchased about a year ago. She asked me, "Is it just me, or does this look like my white gold ring is turning yellow to you too?" Before I could answer, shepromptly informed me the storewhere shepurchased it told her it was 14kt white gold. She felt sh


Yes. White gold will turn yellow over time due to loss of outer covering of rhodium plating. White gold is made of pure (yellow) gold mixed with white metals such as silver, palladium and nickel. The result is a gold alloy mixture of off-white color. Further, to achieve a dazzling white finish, white gold is polished and dipped in pure rhodium.