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1. What causes water's low vapor pressure? (1 point) dispersion forces covalent bonding hydrogen bonding ionic attractions 2. Which of the following substances is the most soluble in water? (1 point) sodium chloride methane bromine carbon 3. Which of the following substances is NOT an electrolyte? (1 point) KCl CCl4 LiCl Na2SO4 4.


What causes water's low vapor pressure? hydrogen bonding. What is the shape of the water molecule? ... A hydrated crystal that has a water vapor pressure greater than the water vapor pressure of air is called ____. ... chem ch 15-16. 64 terms. Bio Fina. 261 terms. Spanish 1-2 Avancemos Exam. 20 terms.


What Causes Water's Low Vapor Pressure? ... resulting in lower vapor pressure. This also causes water to have a lower boiling point when the atmospheric pressure is lower. Temperature also affects the vapor pressure of a liquid. When water is heated, the individual molecules have more energy, which allows them to break the hydrogen bonds more ...


Vapor pressure it the pressure exerted by the vapor molecules.Water has a low vapor pressure because of the high amount of energyneeded to break the hydrogen bonds. share with friends Share to:


What causes water's low vapor pressure? Chemistry Phases of Matter Vapor Pressure and Boiling. 1 Answer anor277 Feb 8, 2016 Answer: The vapour pressure of water is depressed by the degree of intermolecular interaction (intermolecular force) present in liquid water. Explanation: There is a great deal of intermolecular interaction present in ...


Vapor pressure (or vapour pressure in British spelling) or equilibrium vapor pressure is defined as the pressure exerted by a vapor in thermodynamic equilibrium with its condensed phases (solid or liquid) at a given temperature in a closed system. The equilibrium vapor pressure is an indication of a liquid's evaporation rate. It relates to the ...


Vapor pressure means pressure exerted by the vapor of the liquid on the surface of the liquid. When liquid is cold, say water at 0°C at normal pressute, there will be absolutely no water vapour at its surface as all water has solidified. It will be called as low vapor pressure.


The molecules that do this create vapor pressure. Low vapor pressure is usually observed in substances that have a low boiling point or if it is being held at a low temperature. ... What causes ...


Chapter 1516. chem. STUDY. PLAY. How does the surface tension of water compare with the surface tensions of most other liquids? it is higher. What causes water's low vapor pressure? hydrogen bonding. Which of the following is primarily responsible for holding water molecules together in the liquid state?


Vapor Pressure. The Macroscopic View. The vapor pressure of a liquid is the equilibrium pressure of a vapor above its liquid (or solid); that is, the pressure of the vapor resulting from evaporation of a liquid (or solid) above a sample of the liquid (or solid) in a closed container.