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Bubbles in the urine can be indicative of a normal or abnormal finding. Because bubbles inurine can result from something as minor as urine mixing with cleaning chemicals found in the toilet to a sign of something more significant like kidney disease, it is always a good idea to discuss this symptom with your physician.


The good news is that although urine bubbles can have some worrisome and potentially serious causes, these are thankfully rare. Staying hydrated and keeping an eye out for other associated symptoms is often all you need to avoid most cases of extra bubbles.


What Causes Urine to Have a Lot of Bubbles? Bubbles in urine can be a sign of multiple health conditions, including kidney problems, pregnancy, mild dehydration or diabetes, report both Men's Health and FastMed.


Usually, bubbles in the water after you pee is nothing to be concerned about. But, because foamy urine can also be caused by serious medical conditions, it is always best to see a doctor if you regularly notice bubbly urine.. In this article, you will learn about the various causes of urine bubbles and what medical conditions can cause more protein to enter your urinary tract.


Many conditions can cause protein in urine, like high protein intake, urinary tract infection, pregnancy, kidney disease and medications and so on. Kidney disease is just one of the causes of bubbly urine. How does kidney disease cause bubbles in urine? Our kidneys have filtration function which is performed by glomerular filtration membrane.


Normal causes of bubbles in the urine. Rapid urination: Urinating too quickly or forcing urine to come out can be responsible for its bubbly appearance. This is because air is introduced into the ...


Mild dehydration – Dehydration causes the urine to be highly concentrated, and concentrated urine can bubble. People who have diabetes have a high risk for dehydration and may frequently experience bubbles in their urine. Rapid urination – Urinating quickly can also cause bubbles in urine, and it is typically caused by dehydration.


Hi, I want to share a personal experience of bubbles in urine. Once I had this, initially I ignored the problem then I started having pain in my urinary tract. Then I came to know that I have urinary tract infection. Urinating with a UTI often produces a shot of pain or a burning sensation and the bacterial buildup can make urine appear cloudy.


Lately I have been noticing bubbles in my urine. Some of the time (mostly in the evenings) there are none. Mornings and early afternoon there seem to me more. ... I drink a lot of water and do urinate somewhat frequently but I have been doing that for as long as I can remember (about 100-150 ounces a day). I am male, 35 years old, 205 pounds, 5 ...


Foamy urine can also indicate that you have too much of a protein, such as albumin, in your urine. The protein in your urine reacts with the air to create foam. The protein in your urine reacts ...