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In general, nosebleeds are not a symptom or result of high blood pressure. It is possible, but rare, that severe high blood pressure may worsen or prolong bleeding if you have a nosebleed. Causes shown here are commonly associated with this symptom.


Causes of sudden nosebleeds in adults include trauma to the nose, picking at the nose or irritation from a cold, according to WebMD. It is also possible to get a sudden nose bleed due to the development of a disease.


Nosebleed for No Reason? Here Are Some Possible Causes When an adult has a nosebleed for no apparent reason, it could be related to medications, health conditions, or simply dry air.


Nosebleeds usually aren’t serious, but knowing how to stop the bleeding and treat your symptoms is important. Learn how to prevent and treat nosebleeds.


Even though they’re harmless in the vast majority of cases, a nosebleed in an adult may be related to an underlying condition that must therefore be detected. What causes nosebleeds in adults, and in which cases should you be worried and speak to a doctor about them? The Signs that Should Alert You


Find out how to stop a nosebleed fast and what causes them. Nosebleeds are usually harmless but frequent or heavy nosebleeds can be a symptom of other health problems. Find out when to see a GP about nosebleeds


Excessive nosebleeds in elderly adults have so many possible causes, your physician is the only one who can determine if nosebleeds are something more. Treatment for nosebleeds in elderly adults. Well-trimmed nails, a humidifier, and being gentler on the nose can help reduce the rate of nosebleeds.


Get the facts on nosebleeds, which are common in adults and children between the ages of 3 and 10. We’ll explain the two different kinds of nosebleeds, anterior nosebleeds and posterior nosebleeds.


Causes of Nosebleeds in Adults. Written by Lindsay Boyers . 14 August, 2017 . Fact Checked. A nosebleed, medically referred to as epistaxis, occurs when the nose hemorrhages and releases blood through the nostrils. Most nosebleeds originate from the nasal septum, but some can come from deeper in the nose. Although a nosebleed may be frightening ...


Random nosebleeds are always a nuisance, except maybe if you want to be Carrie for Halloween and don’t have time to buy fake blood. Otherwise, nosebleeds have zero benefits and many drawbacks ...