Dr. William Goldstein of EyeHealthWeb states that red, puffy eyes can result from fluid retention, allergies, stress or hormone changes. Additionally, he explains that crying also results in swollen eyes due to the infla... More »

The many causes of red blotches on skin include burns, infections, autoimmune diseases, allergies and hormonal changes, notes Healthline. It is important to speak with a professional regarding any lasting changes to your... More »

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No scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of eye creams for treating puffy eyes, as of 2015. However, there is also no evidence that directly refutes the effectiveness of such creams. Puffy eyes can be caused by ... More »

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Adjusting sleeping habits, cooling down the eyes, trying eye creams and controlling allergy symptoms may heal puffy eyes, but the condition may require medical intervention. Cutting back on salt, not smoking and keeping ... More »

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Causes of swelling under the eyes include aging, fluid retention, lack of sleep, allergies or dermatitis, or genetics, according to Mayo Clinic. Bags underneath the eyes are not usually an indicator of a serious illness ... More »

Cucumber slices, egg whites, shredded potato, cold packs and chilled tea bags are ways to reduce puffy eyes in the morning. Puffy eyes are caused by fluid build up under the thin skin of the eyes, and the remedies disper... More »

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Puffy eyes are typically caused by fluid retention in the eye area or the natural process of aging. Puffy eyes are also caused by dermatitis, allergies, lack of sleep, trauma, infections or injuries to the area around th... More »

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