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Common problems of pain in the left hand can indicate injury, as in a fracture; nerve problems, as in carpel tunnel syndrome; or inflammation, as in tendinitis, according to WebMD. Although these conditions all exhibit hand pain, they also have unique complementary mark...


There are many possible conditions that cause pain on someone's left side, such as a heart attack, explains the Harvard Medical School. Pain can also be caused by a slipped disk, says Healthline.


Pain that radiates out through the left arm, chest, back, neck and jaw is likely a symptom of a heart attack, according to Harvard Health Publications from Harvard Medical School. Pain caused by a heart attack is rarely localized around the heart area and the chest.


Causes of left leg pain include wear and tear, injuries, and overuse, according to Mayo Clinic. Pain in the legs may come from issues in the lower spine, blood clots, poor circulation or varicose veins.


Common causes of earache, which affects one or both ears, include an ear infection, injury, irritation, pressure changes and ear wax accumulation, notes Healthline. Use of cotton swabs, water in the ear, sore throat, sinus infection and a foreign object in the ear are a...


Pain on the left side of the head is generally caused by a type of headache, according to Mayo Clinic and WebMD. People who experience the pain formore than 15 days a month for several months in a row are considered to have chronic headaches, which are usually not cause...


Causes of hand pain may include certain disorders or infections, injury, vitamin B12 deficiency or nerve compression, states Healthgrades. Excessive walking, too much weight, arthritis, foot strain or stress fracture may cause foot pain, notes MedlinePlus. Gout, injury ...