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For most of here on planet Earth, sunrise, sunset, and the cycle of day and night (aka. the diurnal cycle) are just simple facts of life. As a result of seasonal changes that happen with every ...


The side that is facing the sun is illuminated (day) while the side facing away from the sun remains dark (night). The Earth takes about 24 hours to rotate once. For an observer living on the equator, the day and night are both approximately 12 hours long.


Day and night occur because the Earth is a rotating sphere, only half of which can be illuminated by the Sun at any one time. The sun-lit side is the day side, while the darkened side is in night.


Why is there day and night? Answer: Clearly, when you see the Sun shining in the sky, it is day, and when you don't it is night. So the real question is "why is the Sun in the sky at some times and not at others?" We can see that the Sun seems to move across the sky starting in the east in the morning, moving toward the south at noon, and then ...


Day and night occur because of the rotation of a planet around its axis. The hemisphere of the planet that faces the sun at a particular moment experiences daylight, while the opposite side experiences darkness.


The side facing the sun is bathed in light and heat—we call this daytime. The side facing away is cooler and darker, and experiences night. Because the Earth is constantly spinning, the line between day and night is always moving around the planet. A day on Earth lasts 24 hours—that is how long it takes for the planet to spin around once.


The change between day and night is caused by the rotation of the Earth on its axis. If the Earth did not rotate as it does, the day/night cycle would be very different or possibly even nonexistent. The changing lengths of days and nights depends on where you are on Earth and the time of year.


The cause of day and night is the rotation of earth on its axis. The sun that is the source of daylight cannot shine all over the earth at a time because of the shape of the earth ,which is sperical . So the one half of the sphere which faces the sun experience daylight and the other half experience night .


Day and night occur because of earths rotation. It turns dark outside when the sun is on the other side of earth. ... What causes day and night to occur? ... day and night may happen at different ...