Following its departure from the British Empire in 1956, Sudan experienced cultural and religious classes that led to ongoing civil war. While there have been periods of peace, establishing a democracy has proved difficu... More »

The Yugoslavian Civil War occurred because the country was initially created as a federation of diverse ethnic states, and once central government was no longer strong enough to keep them all together, the patchwork nati... More »

The United States entered the Korean War in June of 1950 as part of a United Nations effort to assist South Korea in its civil war with North Korea, which was supported by both China and the Soviet Union. The origins of ... More »

The attempted secession of the southeastern provinces of Nigeria was the cause of the Nigerian Civil War. Another name for this conflict is the Biafran War because those provinces named themselves the Republic of Biafra. More »

The main advantages that the South held during the civil war were the vast ranks of experienced generals and soldiers, along with the benefit of being able to maintain defensive positions. While the North had far more re... More »

The advantages of the civil war were that slavery was abolished and the union was restored. The disadvantages were that more American soldiers died than in any other war, and the economy of the South was destroyed. More » History Modern History US History

Julius Caesar was a successful general and statesman, conquering the territory of Gaul, defeating Pompey in a civil war, and declaring himself dictator for life. His military campaigns significantly expanded the Roman Em... More »