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There are many different brands of crystal, including Waterford, Baccarat, Belleek, Cashs, Kosta Boda, Lalique, Lenox and Swarovski. Other popular brands include Marquis, Orrefors, Riedel, Rogaska and Segvso. Waterford Crystal is one of the oldest crystal manufacturers, and its roots date to 1783 in the city of Waterford, Ireland.


The Romanov Collection Crystal - "We offer three of the finest crystal brands in the world on our site. All crystal is manufactured in Europe, by hand, and is only of the highest quality." Theresienthal - founded in 1836. "The world’s most renowned glassmaker and supplier of many of Europe’s Royal Courts."


How to Identify Waterford Crystal. Waterford Crystal is the brand name of beautiful crystal glassware and other crystal items. Its roots go back to Waterford, Ireland, beginning in the year 1793. Today, Waterford crystal is still produced...


Crystal Brands, Inc., manufactures and merchandises sportswear, costume jewelry, and accessories under some of the industry's best-known brand names, including Gant, Izod, Evan-Picone, Monet, and Trifari. Crystal Brands started operations November 1, 1985, after having been divested from General Mills.


Popular Crystal Brands -Letter H Popular Crystal Brands by Letter ... Our Most Popular Crystal Patterns Pattern ID Help. Hadeland of Norway Hawkes Hazel-Atlas Heisey Higbee Hofbauer Holmegaard Home Essentials Hoya Hughes, W J Huntington Glass Hutschenreuther.


An especially popular brand was Louis Roederer's, who shipped a third of his production to Russia. Cristal was first created in 1876 for Alexander II of Russia, and is viewed by many as the first prestige cuvée. As the political situation in Russia at the time of his rule was unstable, the Tsar feared assassination.


This is a list of bottled water brands.Bottled water is drinking water (e.g., well water, distilled water, mineral water, or spring water) packaged in plastic, cartons, aluminum, or glass water bottles.Bottled water may be carbonated or not. Sizes range from small single serving bottles to large carboys for water coolers.. Bottled water brands


Galway Crystal. Galway Irish Crystal has long been one of the world's best known and loved brands of traditionally crafted Irish lead crystal. Nestled in the heart of the West of Ireland, on the shores of Galway Bay, Galway Irish Crystal is steeped in the rich and diverse heritage of this unique hinterland.


Lead Crystal – The small non-visible bumps in the glass created by lead can help aeration of the wine as you swirl it in the glass. Break Resistant Crystal Blends – When mixed with other materials, such as magnesium or titanium, Crystal becomes significantly more durable and very difficult to break.


The Best Bottled Water. The best bottled water for everyday use is pure and balanced: It doesn’t need fluoride or Gatorade-levels of electrolytes. And, of course, it tastes good. To find the best, we pulled together the big-name brands, consulted industry experts, and tested pH levels.