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The advertisement for ForeverMints brand claims that they make the longest lasting breath mints. Once placed inside the mouth, a single breath mint lasts three hours during the day and up to eight hours overnight, before it dissolves.


Introduction If you would like a longer lasting mint, we suggest Icebreakers. Experiment Which mint brand, Altoids, Tic Tacs, or Icebreakers lasts the longest in your mouth? No Chewing Which Mint Lasts the Longest? Problem Choose a mint, start the stopwatch, suck until dissolved,


This is a list of breath mint brands in alphabetical order. A breath mint is a type of candy primarily consumed to freshen the smell of one's breath, by masking offensive odors with the scent of mint or other flavoring, and by stimulating the flow of saliva to help remove food and bacterial debris from the mouth. Like chewing gums and throat lozenges, many breath mints are artificially ...


Which top brand mints lasts the longest? ... OPI is the best brand of nail polish. It lasts a very long time and it flows out well--the brush marks disappear after you apply it.


Myntz! breath mints last a long time. They are sugar-free. My dentist says breath mints that have sugar, make your teeth worse not better. ... What kind of mint brand last the longest? the answer ...


What brand of breath mints last the longest? ... while a xylitol sweetener kills the germs that cause bad breath and cavities. This tiny breath mint can easily be concealed between the gum and cheek to provide fresh breath and good gum and tooth health. The mint helps to relieve dry mouth, in addition to whitening and strengthening the tooth ...


If i were to have a science project on which battery brand last the longest between duracell, energizer, and super heavy duty for a toy car? What brand of gum lasts the longest experiments? What brand of gum lasts the longest examples? Which brand of bubble gum lasts the longest? Which brand of battery lasts the longest?


Which breath mint last the longest, altoids or mentos? I need to know which brand of breath mints last longer and why? Comment. Reply. Report. This discussion closely relates to: Science fair which breath mint last longest. Which brand of lipstick lasts the longest science fair project?


Welcome to 4everMints. We are a team of doctors and scientists who have reinvented what it means to have long-lasting fresh breath. Our revolutionary 4everMints have been clinically proven to last in your mouth for hours, keeping your breath fresher for longer than ever before possible.


based on my experiment the longest lasting mints are forevermints because they can stay in longer than 3hours what brand of breath mints last longer.?