Naptha is commonly used as an aid in the refinement and distillation processes of crude oils into more efficient products, as well as a component of several types of gasoline. Its use is generally preferred over other ty... More »

Several qualities and characteristics make hydrogen unique: it is the lightest, simplest and most abundant chemical element in the world and is a key component in many consumer and industrial products. Hydrogen is among ... More »

Industrial chemistry is concerned with using chemical and physical processes to transform raw materials into products that are beneficial to humanity. This includes the manufacture of basic chemicals to produce products ... More »

Bromine is used in everyday products such as pesticides and water treatment solutions. Bromine is a reddish-brown gas that has a pungent smell and can irritate the skin, nose and eyes. Bromine was discovered in 1826 by A... More »

Silicon tetrachloride is used to manufacture glass-based products in different technological industries. The British Columbia Institute of Technology states that silicon has been used in glass manufacturing since 1500 B.... More »

Polypropylene is produced from liquid or gaseous propene, which is derived from gas oil, naphtha, ethane and propane. The process of creating polypropylene from propene is known as polymerization. More »

White gas is the generic name for Coleman fuel or naphtha. It is a flammable gas commonly used as camp-stove and lantern fuel due to its refined purity and high heat output. White gas can also refer to pure gasoline or u... More »