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Sheet muscovite is an excellent insulator, and that makes it suitable for manufacturing specialized parts for electrical equipment. Scrap, flake, and ground muscovite are used as fillers and extenders in a variety of paints, surface treatments, and manufactured products.


Uses of Muscovite Used chiefly as an insulating material in the manufacture of electrical apparatus. Many of the small parts used for electrical insulation are built up of thin sheets of mica cemented together. They may thus be pressed into shape before the cement hardens.


Muscovite is pearlescent, which means it can add additional shine to certain paints, ceramic glazes and even cosmetics. Scrap, flaked and ground muscovite is also commonly used as fillers and extenders in products like paints, surface treatments and manufactured products.


Sheets of muscovite were used in Russia for windowpanes and became known as Muscovy glass (isinglass), hence its common name. Muscovite typically occurs in metamorphic rocks, particularly gneisses and schists, where it forms crystals and plates. It also occurs in granites, in fine-grained sediments, and in some highly siliceous rocks.


Muscovite stimulates agility of thought, and fosters the solving of problems by using information from the past. It will help you if you are studying as it allows you to use all parts of your mind. This stone will stimulate better problem solving abilities in everyone, and it helps to stimulate confidence and ease tension.


Muscovite (also known as common mica, isinglass, or potash mica) is a hydrated phyllosilicate mineral of aluminium and potassium with formula K Al 2 (AlSi 3 O 10)(F,OH) 2, or 2 (Al 2 O 3) 3 (SiO 2) 6 (H 2 O).It has a highly perfect basal cleavage yielding remarkably thin laminae (sheets) which are often highly elastic.Sheets of muscovite 5 meters × 3 meters (16.5 feet × 10 feet) have been ...


Muscovite gets its name from Muscovy state in Russia, where the mineral was used a glass substitute in the 14th century. Muscovite used to be known as isinglass, and it was used on furnaces, so that you could look through the furnace as what tempered glass does today.


While our modern society no longer uses muscovite windows, this mineral is widely used throughout the electric and construction industries and even provides the sparkle of many cosmetics. Description and Identifying Characteristics. Often called ‘white mica’, muscovite is the lightest colored mica mineral.


Muscovite is a very poor conductor of heat and electricity, and is thus used as an insulator for various electrical products and semiconductors. It is also used in the production of automotive tires and cosmetics.


Muscovite definition is - a native or resident of the ancient principality of Moscow or of the city of Moscow.