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What Are the Side Effects of Iberogast? Iberogast has been on the market as a supplement for several years and has not been reported to cause severe side effects in average patients. However, due to its chemical makeup, it can cause side effects in people with certain pre-existing conditions, such as those who have an allergy to ragweed ...


They have shown that STW 5 has no such effects. For celandine herbs, very rare and reversible dose-dependent cases of hepatic side effects had been reported. However, the daily doses for which these hepatic side effects of celandine herbs have been described are approximately 100–200 times higher than those applied with STW 5.


Possible Side Effects. Iberogast has not mentioned if there are any possible side effects. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before using this product. This product contains 0.24 g of alcohol which consumers should be aware of if they are not comfortable giving infants or children products that contain alcohol.


Iberogast. Made in Germany and used throughout Europe and other parts of the world for more than forty years, Iberogast came to Canada in 2006. Of the estimated 20,000,000 patients using Iberogast, only 18 reported adverse events over the years.


Iberogast Full Review – Does It Work? ... Does Iberogast Have Side Effects? Consumer feedback from Iberogast does not show whether it does or does not have side effects. As with most dietary supplements out there, the reaction could be different for each individual that takes it.


(Iberogast â„¢ is widely used for dyspepsia and GIT motility problems) Iberogast has been studied in over 15 clinical studies. The results from all of the studies indicate that > 80% of people with IBS, GERD, Non-ulcer dyspepsia (NUD)and drug-induced dyspepsia will experience significant relief without side effect.


Iberogast: Find the most comprehensive real-world treatment information on Iberogast at PatientsLikeMe. 4 patients with fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes type 2, post-traumatic stress disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, bipolar disorder, Parkinson's disease, panic disorder, high blood pressure ...


Another large-scale study assessed the effects of Iberogast® over a one-week period in children who were diagnosed with functional dyspepsia and/or IBS. The results noted a significant decrease in digestive symptoms. Side effects were rare and not serious but included nausea, vomiting and an increase in abdominal pain and digestive symptoms.


Iberogast, also known as STW5, is a liquid formulation of nine herbs.A proprietary blend, it was developed in Germany in 1961 and is available (without prescription) in other countries. Named after the genus of one of its ingredients, it is also claimed to possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidative and free radical-inhibiting properties as well as the ability to reduce gastric acid secretion.


Iberogast contains a unique combination of 9 medicinal herbal extracts, which work in multiple ways. The carefully-selected herbal extracts in Iberogast relieve multiple digestive symptoms. So Iberogast effectively relieves a variety of digestive symptoms including abdominal pains and cramps, fullness, heaviness, bloating, flatulence and nausea.