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The responsibilities of the police also extend to enforcing laws that exist by ensuring drivers are obeying traffic laws, patrolling high-traffic areas and communities within the department's jurisdiction to protect the safety of community members and questioning suspicious activity while on patrol.


Policeman Career Information, Job Duties and Responsibilities. Police officers require significant formal training. Learn about education standards, job duties and requirements to see if this is ...


Police officers wear many hats when fulfilling their role in society. In particular, police are involved in community building and crime prevention. The community-oriented policing model has helped dispel the myth that cops spend most of their day cruising in a squad car, writing speeding tickets and eating donuts on break.


Roles and responsibilities of police Roles and responsibilities of courts and judiciary Roles and responsibilities of prosecutors Data collection and information gathering Public education . Victim protection. Rights of victims Child protection Order for protection Hearing by court.

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THE ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE POLICE 1 Introduction 1.1 This inquiry arose out of a concern that, despite the fact that far-reaching changes to the police service in England and Wales were being planned, insufficient thought was being given to what the fundamental role and responsibilities of the police actually are. There was further ...


A police officer is responsible for protecting people's life and property by enforcing the laws and regulations of the community they serve. A police officer is expected to patrol areas and look out for criminal activity. A police officer must also respond to emergency calls for police service.


The duties of police carry a great deal of risk, but many people pursue a career as a police officer because they feel a moral calling to protect and serve others. If you're interested in a career as a police officer, it is critical that you understand the demanding responsibilities involved in this challenging but fulfilling job.


In this lesson, we'll look at the four major responsibilities of the police and problem-oriented policing. Police Ever since he was a little boy, Charlie has wanted to be a police officer.


In fact, police officers now also perform the immigration duties once exclusive to INS agents, meaning that INS agents are now essentially police officers. Before you can become a police officer, you must first meet the minimum qualifications. ... have limited responsibilities, and in most cases, are eligible to be relieved of duty easier than ...


Qualities of a Police Officer HUMANITY We respect life and liberty. We are sensitive and inclusive, treating everyone with dignity and compassion. INTEGRITY We are guided by the principles of justice. We employ the highest ethical standard, we demand accountability, … Continued