Cows have stocky, rectangular bodies with four legs. They are black, white or brown and have heads that are small in proportion to their bodies. Beef cattle have a muscular build, while dairy cattle have a rectangular sh... More »

Characteristics of cows include their large size, boxy body type and calm temperament. They have bulky, long bodies with relatively small heads. Cows can weigh more than 2,000 pounds, but height and weight can vary signi... More »

The geography of London is divided into two main zones: highlands and lowlands. These zones have unique climates and other features. More »

Hampshire pigs have black bodies with white bands around their middles that cover the front legs, erect ears, long necks and wide foreheads. This breed is heavily muscled with a long, lean and semi-level toplines. Their ... More »

Moose are the largest members of the deer family and feature brown or black fur, long legs and a hanging muzzle. The enormous antlers of the male moose are perhaps its most distinguishing physical characteristic. Moose a... More »

The characteristics of Berkshire pigs include a deep sided body, a strongly arched back, short neck and short legs. Their hide is black with white face, legs and tail, and the skin beneath is pink. Because of the dark hi... More »

An ox is a working animal, while a cow is kept for food and breeding. Both cows and oxen are considered cattle or bovines. More »