Official rules of Monopoly include users buying property spaces they land on or letting them be auctioned, abiding by rules of other spaces they land on such as Chance, Community Chest and Income Tax, or paying other pla... More » Hobbies & Games Board Games

Hasbro's website has the official instructions for Monopoly. The website offers the ability to download the instructions free of charge. The instructions include the standard game rules and rules for a shortened version. More » Hobbies & Games Board Games

The official Monopoly rules state that a player will go to jail when he rolls doubles three times, draws a "Go to Jail" card during game play, or lands on the space marked "Go to Jail." Once a player is sent to jail, his... More » Hobbies & Games Board Games

In the game of Monopoly, players try to become wealthy through the ownership property, causing other players to pay rent to them. Players take turns moving around the game board to purchase and trade property. Up to eigh... More » Hobbies & Games Board Games

To play Junior Monopoly, each player moves a piece around the board and tries to bankrupt the other players. Junior Monopoly is played similarly to regular Monopoly, but it uses different property names, simpler Chance c... More »

The basic rules for the game "Monopoly" involve each player choosing a token and receiving a starting stipend of $1,500, then designating one player to act as the banker. Each player takes turns rolling two dice and movi... More »

There is no officially licensed Harry Potter version of Monopoly as of 2015, so there are no official rules on how to play. However, several other licensed Harry Potter board games exist, such as Clue, Scene It? and Triv... More » Hobbies & Games Board Games