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Some of the most common jobs in Italy include maintenance workers, truck drivers, groundskeepers, healthcare occupations, assemblers, childcare workers and carpenters. Equipment mechanics and installers tend to be the most popular occupation for males, and nursing and home healthcare aides are the most popular occupations for females.


Top 10 jobs that only exist in Italy. Italians have emigrated the world over and taken their skills with them. But despite this, some jobs can still only be done in Italy. The Local takes a look at the best and the bizarre of those very Italian careers.


Well, one of the most popular jobs in Italy is farming. And, as crazy as it sounds, another one is grape-picking, and pizza making. Hope I helped! ... Most common jobs include administration ...


The most common job in France is a job as a fancy waiter or waitress. They normally work in a fancy restaurant or cafe. Hope this helps.


Best Answer: The types of jobs in Italy are about the same as anywhere else. Where I work, there are many engineers and software developers. In general, there are various types of police, store clerks, office personnel, coffee shop workers, tour guides and other normal jobs.


Due to the increasing use of computers it's possible to find a job in Italy from the internet, but traditional methods of recruiting such as employment agencies, newspaper advertisements and personal networking are still the most common.


Living and working in Italy may seem like a dream, but doing so is quite attainable with research and work. Italians value their culture and aim to preserve it in this globalized world. Frustration with immigrants taking jobs is common and because of this, finding a job in Italy may be challenging.


What it's like to work in Italy Family time is an important aspect of Italian culture and as such workers in the country try to strike a healthy work-life balance. According to Eurostat, Italians work 39 hours per week on average (2017 data), with the maximum average working week set at 40 hours plus eight hours of overtime.


What Are the Main Jobs in Italy? The main jobs in Italy are in the tourism industry, the automobile industry and textile manufacturing. The service sector accounts for the most jobs in Italy, employing 61.9 percent of the of the Italian workforce. Examples of in-demand service sector jobs include nursing, teaching and hotel management.


Best Answer: Italy is one of the members of the G8; it means that it is one of the most industrialised country of the world. A lot of people work in the industrial field. In my opionion there is not a most common job.