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When appropriately treated with antibiotics, however, scarlet fever rarely causes long-term complications. Also called scarlatina, scarlet fever is caused by a particular family of bacteria that also causes strep throat, explains Healthline. Typically, a scarlet fever infection develops after a strep throat infection.


Scarlet fever long term effects. If scarlet fever goes untreated, the bacteria may spread to the: Tonsils; Lungs; Skin; Kidneys; Blood; Middle ear; Post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis is an immunologically-mediated sequela of pharyngitis or skin infections caused by nephritogenic strains of group A Streptococcus or group A strep.


The long-term effects largely depend on how well and/or how quickly the infection was treated. Scarlet fever is typically treated with antibiotics such as phenoxymethylpenecillin, taken regularly over a period of about 10 days. It’s important that...


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Scarlet fever, or scarlatina, is a bacterial infection that causes symptoms and signs such as fever, sore throat, and rash. Oral penicillin is the standard treatment. Read about long-term effects, prognosis, and complications.


Hi Odette72, If you were never treated for Scarlet fever you can get long term complications from it like Rheumatic fever or kidney problems. Also, fever, pneumonia, throat abscesses, ear infections and skin infections. Most people don't get the complications but it can happen and that is why they treat this with antibiotics early on.


I had Scarlet Fever as a small child. Now, in m forties, whenever I have a fever from flu or food poisoning or whatever, I have a seizure. I'm wondering if these fever-related seizures could be a lingering long-term effect of the childhood illness. I don't have epilepsy, so I can't figure out what else the seizures co


Doctors help you with trusted information about Fever in Scarlet Fever: Dr. Raff on scarlet fever long term side effects: Temperature elevations above 105 f may create brain damage. In children they may be associated with seizures that will seldom if ever recur when the fever regresses. Otherwise there should not be permanent deficits from high fevers.


Scarlet fever -- also called scarlatina -- is an infection that’s easily spread from person to person. It gets its name from the red, bumpy rash that typically covers the body. It starts out ...


In this lesson we'll be learning about the bacterial infection, scarlet fever. Here, we'll go over the symptoms to look for, treatment and possible long-lasting effects from the disease.