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The largest animal is the blue whale, Balaenoptera musculus, which grows to a maximum of 110 feet long. The smallest animal is the crustacean Stygotantulus stocki, which grows to 94 micrometers, or less than 0.004 inches.


That makes it the world’s smallest mammal when measured by weight, but, at 1.4–2 in (36–53 mm), it loses out to the bumblebee bat for smallest in length. Not everything about the Etruscan shrew is small though; its brain is the largest in ratio to its body weight of all animals, larger even than that of a human! Read More


South Africa is one of the leading tourist destinations with the most diverse animal species. It is equally home to both the largest & the smallest animals in the world, which are housed in the ...


The Chinese Giant Salamander is the largest living amphibian, weighing up to 140 lbs (64 kg) and growing to a length of 6 ft (1.8 m) long. Having changed little from their ancestors, they are known as living fossils, but despite their fascinating nature, they are endangered and rare in the wild.


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Yes. The largest animal in the world is the blue whale, which lives in the ocean. It can grow to 100 feet and weigh 150 tons. The smallest animals are also found in the ocean.


The largest ocean in the world is the Atlantic ocean, which is larger than all the other oceans combined. My guess is that the Artic ocean is the smallest, however, I believe that small oceans are ...


The smallest organisms found on Earth can be determined according to various aspects of organism size; including volume, mass, height, length, or genome size. Given the incomplete nature of scientific knowledge, it is possible that the smallest organism is undiscovered.


The largest extant terrestrial animal is the African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana), weighing up to 12.25 tonnes and measuring up to 10.67 metres (35.0 ft) long. The largest terrestrial animals that ever lived were titanosaur sauropod dinosaurs such as Argentinosaurus, which may have weighed as much as 73 tonnes.


The Smallest Animal In The World smallest horse in the world all the animals in the world. top Smallest Animal Miniature horses smallest lizard Smallest Cat Dwarf Lantern Shark Etruscan Shrew Etruscan Shrew Royal Antelope Smallest Seahorse Pygmy Mouse Lemur Smallest Salamander Paedocypris Fish. 1. Miniature Horse