Historians define four types of imperial government: direct control, indirect control, rule by sphere of influence, and economic imperialism. "Modern World History" further categorizes imperial rule as being formal or in... More »

The purpose of tax Form 1099 is to report income generated from sources other than the salary an employer pays. Additionally, this tax form is used to report large sales of consumer products to a buyer in a location othe... More »

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Direct and indirect control speak to controlling or instituting changes in people or a system, from systems of government to ecosystems. For example, governments often use methods of indirect control to manipulate the co... More »

Some of the advantages of a two-child policy are to cut back on the number of forced abortions that occur under the one-child rule, reduce the number of abandoned children and help even out the number of males and female... More »

To apply for CPP disability benefits, print the application forms from the Service Canada website and mail the completed forms to the nearest Service Canada office. To qualify for CPP disability benefits, you must have a... More »

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American imperialism is caused by the nation's desire to expand its control and influence in locations overseas. This is accomplished through military, political and even economic prowess. United States imperialism dates... More »

All African countries except for Liberia and Ethiopia came under imperialist rule between 1750 and 1914. European countries rushed to gain control over African countries in order to enhance their economic, social and pol... More »