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What Are the Five Characteristics of Adolescence? The period of adolescence, which lasts approximately 11 to 21 years, is characterized by several social and emotional changes. These include labile emotions, exploring and asserting of personal identity, peer relationships, independence, self-centered attitudes, and testing rules and boundaries. ...


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Adolescence -- the period lasting from approximately age 11 to 21 -- covers many social and emotional changes. This transition between childhood and adulthood leads to rapidly changing behaviors, identity disturbances and strong emotions. Although these characteristics can frustrate or confuse parents, they are ...


5 Characteristics of Adolescence. The years between 10 and 14 years of age are known as adolescence. It is a time characterized by rapid change and development, as it is the transition between childhood and young adulthood. Changes can be inconsistent and also uncomfortable. Adolescents experience physical, social, as ...


This article throws light upon the eleven major characteristics of adolescence. The characteristics are: 1.A period of Rapid Physical/Biological Changes, has Psychological Repercussions Too 2. Appearance-Consciousness 3. Attraction Towards the Opposite Sex 4. Cognitive Development 5. Career-Consciousness 6. Emotional Conditions 7. Flight on Imagination 8.


Young adolescents warrant educational experiences and schools that are organized to address their physical, intellectual, emotional/psychological, moral/ethical, spiritual, and social developmental characteristics. This document summarizes the research on these characteristics of young adolescents.


The Adolescent in Society Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Search. Create. Log in Sign up. Log in Sign up. 26 terms. sara329. Sociology Chpt. 6. The Adolescent in Society. STUDY. PLAY. Adolescence. the period between the normal onset of puberty and the beginning of adulthood ... 5 Characteristics of an Adolescent. 1 ...


The five leading characteristics of adolescence are biological growth and development, an undefined status, increased decision making, increased pressures, and the search for self.


There are five characteristics of adolescence. 1) Biological growth 2) Undefined status 3) Increased decision making 4) Increased pressure 5) the search for self. share:


Adolescent Learner - Characteristics MS Phase 1/Core Team Training Page 1 of 2 Summer 2007 Characteristics of the Adolescent Learner Five key areas Intellectual Social Physical Emotional and Psychological Moral Characteristics of young adolescent intellectual development include: Moving from concrete to abstract thinking.