Wearing a school uniform takes away a child's right to express his or her uniqueness. Children lose a piece of their individuality by having to dress the same as everyone else. More »

School uniforms are considered a nuisance by some people because they are expensive for many parents to afford, and they force children to conform to a single standard and disappear into a crowd of sameness at school, ex... More »

School uniforms provide several benefits for students, teachers and parents, including reducing distractions in the classroom, eliminating conflicts between parents and children about what to wear to school and even impr... More »

Opponents of school uniforms state that wearing uniforms violates a child's right to freedom of expression and limits his ability to express himself through fashion. Certain uniforms may also be uncomfortable to some chi... More »

Aside from the necessity of complying with school rules when uniforms are mandatory, there are several research-proven benefits to requiring students to wear uniforms, including a reduction of student distraction and les... More »

There are jobs that require employees to wear uniforms, and others that allow workers to wear their own clothing that adheres to the company’s dress code. Police and military officers, couriers and individuals in the hos... More »

Cintas work uniforms can be purchased directly from the Cintas website or through the company catalog. Cintas provides quality work uniform rental as well as purchase to fit a variety of budgets. More »

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