A hybrid animal between wolves and foxes is impossible because of the number of chromosomes in each creature. The wolf, coyote, jackal and domestic dog all have 78 chromosomes in 39 pairs. The red fox has 38 chromosomes ... More »

A wolf hybrid results from mating between a wolf and a domestic canine. The resulting animal technically is not a hybrid since dogs are a sub-species of wolves; however, the term "hybrid" is commonly used to refer to any... More »

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A dog that is a cross between a timber or gray wolf and an Alaskan malamute is known as a wolamute. As with any wolf hybrid, these dogs tend to be more intelligent than most domestic breeds, according to Dog Breed Info C... More »

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While red wolves have few natural predators, they have evolved a number of adaptations that allow them to defend themselves from people, bears and other wolves. Their primary defensive mechanisms include their pack-formi... More »

The gray wolf slightly resembles a large German shepherd, and its coat color is typically a mixture of gray, white and brown, though some wolves have solid coat colors of white, brown and black. Wolves are 3 to 5 feet lo... More »

There is no specific name female wolves, but sometimes they are referred to as she-wolves. Together with the alpha male, the female leads the wolf pack. More »

A timber wolf hybrid is the offspring of any domesticated dog that is crossbred with a timber wolf. Such crossbreeds require a very skilled hand to raise and are not recommended for most owners. More »

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