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Food spoilage is caused by bacteria, yeasts, fungi, the food's own enzymes, insects, temperature fluctuation and oxidation. When eaten, food that is spoiled by bacteria or other microbes presents a disease hazard to humans.


2. Spoilage by Enzymes: Enzymes are organic catalyst present in living cells. The life of every living cell depends upon the chemical reactions activated by these enzymes. Hence, they cause food spoilage due to the chemical reactions as in cutting apples; it becomes brown while tomato cause develops a black scum.


Food spoilage is the process where a food product becomes unsuitable to ingest by the consumer. The cause of such a process is due to many outside factors as a side-effect of the type of product it is, as well as how the product is packaged and stored. Due to food spoilage, one-third of the worlds' food produced for the consumption of humans is lost every year.


Definition of Microbial Food Spoilage. Microbial food spoilage can define the biological process which involves microorganisms can degrade and decompose the food material, at optimal environmental conditions (temperature, ph, oxygen, moisture etc.) and brings some undesirable changes which make the food inedible to eat. Causes of Microbial Food ...


Causes of Spoilage. The food and water may be infected by germs. Flies carry germs. When they sit on our food, they pass on these germs to our food. There are various factors which are responsible for food spoilage such as bacteria, mould, yeast, moisture, light, temperature, and chemical reaction. ...


Causes of Food Spoilage by Andrew Routledge on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009. Causes of Food Spoilage Food spoilage is really nothing more than a natural deterioration of organic matter. Everything in nature has to be broken down so that it can once again become part of the composition of soil.


Read on to learn the science behind food spoilage. Spoiler Alert! Signs of food spoilage may include an appearance different from the food in its fresh form, such as a change in color, a change in texture, an unpleasant odor, or an undesirable taste. Various factors cause food spoilage, making items unsuitable for consumption.


These gradual changes that cause deterioration and decay in foods are due to certain organisms and chemicals present in the food and outside the food. Let’s now look at the causes of food spoilage. Causes of food spoilage. Food spoilage is caused by two main factors, namely; Natural decay in foods Contamination by micro-organisms


Food spoilage and deterioration is no accident. It is a naturally occurring process. To understand how to maintain the quality of food and prevent spoilage, we need to know what can cause it. Factors that affect food spoilage include:


Food Spoilage. Food spoilage is a complex process, and the type of product (intrinsic parameters) and the way it is packaged and stored (extrinsic parameters) select for the types of spoilage microorganism that can grow quickest under those conditions and hence lead to the spoilage of the product.