Local area networks let families, school, businesses and other entities connect their computers, but they are complex. They make administration simple, and they are customizable. However, they can be difficult to secure ... More »

One advantage of the waste-incineration process is that it reduces the weight and volume of the waste. This process results in a less hazardous amount of waste. The gas and residue that incineration produces, such as sla... More »

The advantages of a monoculture are its simplicity and efficiency. The disadvantages are the increased pressures from diseases and lack of biodiversity that can threaten crops. More »

The advantages of computer networks are file sharing, resource sharing which decreases costs, user flexibility, and increased storage capacity due to the many computers present. The disadvantages include lack of independ... More »

Organizations or businesses that require multiple computers to perform the same task can greatly reduce operational costs by using thin clients. However, if the central server fails for any reason, work processes come to... More »

A local area network allows a group of computers or other devices to share a connection. This connection allows the devices to share a variety of resources. This includes sharing printers and access to the same files and... More »

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Local area networks allow families and businesses to connect multiple devices, but they also present potential attack vectors. Used correctly, LANs make connecting devices easy. Used incorrectly, they can expose informat... More »