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Physicians, surgeons, internists, orthodontists and anesthesiologists are among the most highly paid careers, with professionals in these fields earning a median wage equal of $187,200 annually, as of 2012. Chief executives also take home large salaries, with a median expectation of $168,140 per yea


Some of the highest paying MBA careers are those in private equity, hedge funds or other similar investment management positions. As of 2014, the highest starting base salary for a person with an MBA degree is $375,000.


High-paying careers for women include pharmacists, lawyers, computer and information systems managers, and physicians. Earnings in these careers vary depending on education, experience and specific field of work.


Some of the highest paying home businesses include actuary, business intelligence analyst, software developer and compensation analyst. As of 2015, salaries for these positions range from roughly $63,200 to 96,000 per year.


Anesthesiologists, surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, obstetrician and gynecologists, and orthodontists are among the highest paid professions in the United States. More generally speaking, careers in the medical field draw the highest salaries; business executives and engineers are also pai


According to Fortune.com, the top five in-demand careers of 2015 are registered nurses, truck drivers, customer service representatives, sales managers and sales representatives. The next five are front-line supervisors or managers, software quality service engineers and testers, general and operati


Some of the highest-paying professions as of 2015 include physicist, pharmacist, benefits and compensation manager, air traffic controller, law professor and sales manager. Individuals in the medical field often have the highest salary, though the field also requires some of the most expensive schoo


As of 2015, careers that have high starting salaries include graphic designer, financial analyst, sales representative and copywriter. These jobs are ideal for recent college graduates and have good growth potential.


In 2014, the highest-paying jobs in California were family and general practitioners; the second highest-paying jobs were for judges, magistrate judges and magistrates. Other top-paying jobs include nurse anesthetists, astronomers and general pediatricians.


Some of the highest-paying occupations as of 2015 include physician, dentist, marketing manager, information systems manager, and lawyer. CEOs, architects, engineers and air traffic controllers are also among the highest-paying occupations.