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Polyester is used in many industries, including the textile and fiberglass industry. It is the most commonly used fiber in garments and home furnishings such as bedding, carpet and curtains. Because of its high tensile strength, polyester is also utilized in manufacturing ropes, hoses, sails, thread and floppy disc liners.


Used either by itself or as a blend, it is also stain resistant and hence very popular. Industrial Uses of Polyester. While clothing used to be the most popular use of polyester and which made it a household name worldwide, there are many other uses polyester is put to.


Polyester fiber is used as cushioning and insulating material in pillows, comforters and upholstery padding. Polyester fabrics are highly stain-resistant—in fact, the only class of dyes which can be used to alter the color of polyester fabric are what are known as disperse dyes.


Because of their many desireable qualities, polyester fibers and fabrics have many uses. Polyester is often used in outerwear because of its high tenacity and durability.It is a strong fiber and consequently can withstand strong and repetitive movements.


Polyester Properties, Production, Price, Market and Uses . Polyester is world’s most commonly used polymer. This synthetic polymer is made from petroleum-derived ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. They are either thermoplastics or thermoset based on their chemical composition and structure.


Polyester fibers, yarns and ropes are used in car tire reinforcements, fabrics for conveyor belts, safety belts, coated fabrics and plastic reinforcements with high-energy absorption.


At the time of polyester fabric weaving winding m/c having some lubricants used then after cone winding at the viewing m/c or loom fabric is wived warp and weft direction at that time some lubricants are used on the spindle or bobbins so small amount of lubricants are mixed of contancts with yarn and finally the grey fabric wieving is compled and final greige fabric manufacturing is completed.


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Polyester importance. The polyester is the choice of fiber and fabric for many industries. It can be applied to many useful purposes ,They are very important polymers , Where they are used in clothing , the food , the packaging , the plastic water bottles and the carbonated soft drinks bottles .


Nylon is also used in ropes for rock climbing, making parachutes and fishing nets. Polyester. This type of synthetic fibre is obtained from coal, water, air and petroleum. Polyester is made from repeating units of chemical known as esters. Polyester is easy to wash and it remains wrinkle free and it is quite suitable in making dress material.