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Mothballs are balls of chemical pesticides, mostly made up of naphthalene, which are used mostly for safe storage of off-season clothes.They give out a characteristic pungent smell. Since naphthalene in highly flammable, nowadays, para-dichlorobenzene is used instead. Before enlisting the various mothball uses, we believe that it is our responsibility to warn you of the potential hazards of ...


What Are Some Uses for Mothballs? Mothballs are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States and may only legally be used under the conditions specified on the label. They are intended to protect clothing and other fabrics from moths and destructive insects during long-term storage.


Use as a rodent, squirrel, and bat repellent is also largely ineffective, is illegal in many areas, and tends to cause more annoyance to humans than to the target pest. Mothballs, however, continue to be advertised as squirrel repellent and are an ingredient in some commercial vermin and snake repellent products.


Uses for Mothballs by Sharon Durmaskin ; Updated September 28, 2017. ... Some gardeners use moth balls to winterize rose bushes, scattering them to discourage burrowing animals from disturbing the rose bush, but moth balls are a strong pesticide and should only be used according to the label directions.


Using mothballs outside can harm children, pets and other animals. Mothballs used outdoors can also contaminate soil, plants and water. The information below contains additional resources for the proper use of mothballs and some alternative methods of controlling clothes moths. To learn more about mothballs, choose from these topics:


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Use mothballs to keep bats at bay. Bats won’t invade your belfry (or attic) if you scatter a few mothballs around. Add some mothballs to the boxes you store in the attic and silverfish will stay away too. Here are 7 Quick Home Inspections to Do This Spring.


Some people think they are “natural” animal repellents because they are ordinary household products. Read on to find out more about using mothballs to repel pests. Can I Use Mothballs in the Garden? Using mothballs to repel pests in the garden presents a danger to children, pets and wildlife that visit your garden.


In short, mothballs should not be used by homeowners. If they are used, and unfortunately I know that some people will continue to use them, they should only be used sparingly and anything stored around mothballs should be thoroughly cleaned. Dry clean wool and silk articles or wash other fabrics to remove all mothball smell before use.


How to Use Mothballs. Mothballs are a potent way of dealing with clothes moths. Many people forget that mothballs are made of dangerous pesticides and don't take safety precautions when using them. Never use these products out in the open....