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Female tortoiseshell cat names. Some people like to give their cats human names, to make them feel more like one of the family. If you like Disney inspired names, there’s Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Megara, Elsa, Anna, Aurora, Esmeralda, Tinkerbell, Merida, Mulan, Nala, Tiana or Moana. If you like flower themed names, try Heather, Holly, Daisy ...


What Are Some Tortoiseshell Cat Names? Since tortoiseshell calico cats have a unique mix of coat colors and markings, exotic pet names work best. Keep in mind that most tortoiseshell cats are female as male tortoiseshells are extremely uncommon.


Tortoiseshell cats are some of the most beautiful cats around! The vast majority of tortoiseshells are female, so in our collection of names for a tortoiseshell cat you will find that most are female tortoiseshell cat names. There are also numerous unisex names too. You will also find many tortoiseshell cat names unique for their fur pattern.


Female tortoiseshell cat names. Naming your cat is a personal thing and it is not easy to find a perfect kitten name. Sometimes the name pops to your mind and sometimes you need a little inspiration. We have over 18.126 unique kitten names in our database, along with the meaning, gender and origin.


Need a name for a tortoiseshell cat? Here is the list for you. With over 130 names to choose from, you're sure to find one that is just right for your furry friend. You'll find names based on fur color, personality and even some sweet names are included.


Tortoiseshell Cat Names – Red, Orange, Yellow & Cream. As was mentioned above, all tortoiseshell cats have some element of red in their fur, whether it’s truly red or something more on the spectrum of orange, yellow or cream.


Tortoiseshell girl cats are real flirtatious ladies in all respects. They are very gentle, friendly, active and playful. These cats deserve to be given unique names that will reflect their distinct personality types. If you are looking for some creative dilute tortie cat names, study our suggested collections.


There are literally thousands of cat names that you can choose from (we found a website with over 16,000!), so we won’t list all the options here. You just need to make sure that you choose a name that suits your cat’s personality, and if it has some personal meaning to you then that is even better.


Tortoiseshell is a compound name that can be used to describe the color or appearance of a cat’s coat that has patches of red and black. The ‘red’ ranges from orange to yellow. Splotches of grey or tabby are also accepted as the ‘black’ variety.


The unique personality of tortoiseshell cats has even gained its own name: “tortitude”! Unique cats like these with a tortoiseshell pattern and unique personality deserve unique cat names! Below is a long list of great names for tortoiseshell cats. We hope you enjoy this collection of tortoiseshell cat names!