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How to Teach Kids About Astronomy. Astronomy is the oldest of the physical sciences. The night sky and its array of stars, wandering planets, changing moon phases, occasional comets and meteor showers, and, in far northern and southern...


Constellations Teaching Tips. This section contains specific tips for teaching the project - facts you can tell your students as they work, and advice for solving common problems students may encounter. Introduction. Start by checking student knowledge on constellations. Most will have heard of a few famous constellations, like Orion or the Big ...


A constellation is a group of visible stars that form a pattern when viewed from Earth. The pattern they form may take the shape of an animal, a mythological creature, a man, a woman, or an inanimate object such as a microscope, a compass, or a crown. How many constellations are there? The sky was ...


I remember making them at Brownies all those years ago, and remembered my constellations for years. Not so hot now (like with my nature knowledge) – it’s terrible how you lose the knowledge of certain things you learn at school age. These are a great way to teach children constellations. What you need: Cardboard tubes.


The Constellations for kids activities pack is a great way to introduce and teach children about many of the different constellations that can be found in the night sky. This pack would go well as part of a space, astronomy or science themed study.


The constellations reveal themselves one star at a time Use this lesson plan to teach students about constellations. Students will become familiar with 12 constellations and learn how the shapes of constellations form a useful map of the sky. The lesson includes hands-on activities and take-home or independent study activities.


(The Big Dipper is not strictly a constellation - see the Teaching Tips). Students may have misconceptions that constellations are real astronomical groups of stars, or that all stars in constellations are the same. Explain that this activity will show students what constellations are, and that they will find their own constellations.


There are many resources online that provide free constellation activities for kids. Astronomy for Kids. Astronomy for Kids is a kid friendly site that offers sky maps and a picture of the current night sky (for those that live in the Northern hemisphere), but also a constellation hunt game that kids can play online. Use this game to practice ...


Love that she includes a list of books to read with the kids, too. Geoboard Constellations from School Time Snippets – Make your own night sky geoboard with the kids. Then grab some loom bands and create constellations on the geoboard. Constellation Sewing Cards from Kids Activities Blog – Combine star-gazing with early sewing skills. These ...


Once you’ve got kids interested in looking at the stars, you can teach them how to identify the various constellations. Start with a constellation guide. Here’s a link to a simple printable constellation guide for kids with some of the main constellations from Lulu the Baker. Get some more cool printables over at Mr. Printables.