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What Are Some Symptoms of Toenail Cancer? Symptoms of nail cancer include a very dark stripe on the nail, blurred borders, and an existing stripe on the nail that changes over time. The nail cancer is technically on the nail bed underneath the nail, according to Dr. Dana Stern in an article for CBS New York.


Is a toenail melanoma rare? Toenail melanomas affect 1 in 120 men and 1 in 95 women. Other statistics show that it only accounts for 0.7% and 3.5% of all melanoma cases. Some research published in 2010 revealed that in the UK, there were over 8500 new cases treated per year.


When you hear the word melanoma, your first thought might be irregular-shaped moles on the skin caused by sun damage.But since subungual melanoma affects the nail matrix, the signs and symptoms ...


If you are in a high-risk group for skin cancer or have ever been treated for some form of the disease, you should familiarize yourself with how skin cancers look. Examine your skin from head to ...


Melanoma under a nail. Acral-lentiginous melanoma is a rare form of melanoma that can occur under a fingernail or toenail. It can also be found on the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet. It's more common in blacks and in other people with darker skin pigment. Melanoma in the mouth, digestive tract, urinary tract or vagina.


The shape, texture, and color of your natural nails act as a window into your body, and while some nail symptoms are harmless, others can be indicative of chronic diseases, including cancer. As noted by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD): 2 "Nails often reflect our general state of health. Changes in the nail, such as discoloration or ...


Subungual melanoma is a type of cancer that involves the nail unit or matrix, hence the name. This type of melanoma is believed to be a variant of other types of cancer, such as: desmoplastic melanoma, nodular melanoma or acral lentiginous melanoma (the latter being the type of cancer that affects the palms of the


Subungual melanoma is a cancer that develops under the nails. Learn about the symptoms, complications, how the condition is treated, and outlook.


Melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, can show up as a stripe black line on nails. Doctors share symptoms and what to look for on fingernails and toenails.


Melanoma of Nail Unit is a melanoma that affects the nail - either the fingernail or the toenail. It may affect the nail bed or nail sides and is capable of spreading to other parts of the body. Frequently, the big toe or the thumb is involved