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Cooks who happen to run out of sweet paprika for a dish can substitute other spices, such as ancho chile powder or Chipotle chile powder. In these cases, the chile powders swap evenly for sweet paprika, meaning 1 teaspoon of acho chile powder substitutes evenly for 1 teaspoon of sweet paprika.


Despite its misleading name, sweet paprika, of which Hungarian paprika is one variety, isn't sugary or sweet at all. Instead, it's called sweet paprika to distinguish it from other types of paprika that are spicy. The end zing, or lack thereof, depends on what type of peppers were used to make the spice.


Chipotle powder is a good substitute for sweet paprika to give a spicy taste to the dishes instead of a sweet flavor. Red pepper flakes are made by crushing dried spicy red peppers. Red pepper flakes have a hot, spicy and sometimes smoky flavor, like paprika.


Paprika substitutes. Paprika is made from peppers which are usually mild. More specifically, paprika is a ground spice made from a sweeter red bell pepper, tomato or sweet peppers. That’s where it gets its subtle sweetness and colour from. Sometimes, however, it is not so uncommon to come across a hot paprika powder.


With flavors that are quite similar with that of paprika and with almost the same heat level, Ancho Chili Powder is your best bet for a paprika substitute. This type of powder is made of sweet dried chili that offers a rich and mild fruity flavor, plus earthy notes that are quite similar to paprika.


It calls for generous tablespoon of Hungarian sweet paprika. I don't have that: just regular paprika and the La Chinata smoked sweet paprika. Can either of them substitute for Hungarian sweet paprika?? (I think a tablespoon of LaChinata would overwhelm any dish with 'smoke'.) Thanks for any help. Cheers


For example, you may find some recipes call for “hot paprika” while the others call for “smoked paprika” or just “paprika.” With that said, this list of paprika substitutes is for the most common types of paprika—smoked paprika, Hungarian sweet paprika, and what chefs refer to as “regular” or “basic” paprika.


Paprika is a mild spice, and substitutions of hotter peppers should be used in reduced quantities. Paprika is a red, powdered spice made from sweet peppers. Hungarian paprika, which is mild and sweet, is the gold standard of paprika. Other types, however, are available. Some are smoky and some are even hot.


Finding a substitute for smoked paprika is easy -- actually, you may not need to look further than your pantry for great paprika substitutes. Note: The substitutes below come in many heat levels . You should consider your options according to your personal and those you wish to serve the dish to’s preferences.


There, paprika or smoked paprika is the essential ingredient, so it would be hard to work with smoked paprika substitutes. However, for other paprika recipes where you only need the traditional pinch, you can easily manipulate your recipe with one of these smoked paprika substitutes.