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Hillary Clinton was the first First Lady to hold a postgraduate degree (Yale Law, 1973) and to run for and be elected Senator (NY, 2000). [10] Shortly before she married Bill Clinton in 1975, Hillary tried to join the Marines, probably to make a political statement.


Hillary Clinton, 67th United States Secretary of State serving under President Barack Obama. Checkout some little known & interesting facts about Hillary Clinton.


As Hillary Clinton launches her second bid for the White House, here are 15 facts about the former first lady, senator and secretary of state: 1. Young Hillary Rodham wasn’t initially interested ...


She is a former First Lady of the United States. Believe it or not - her husband Bill actually served as President between 1993 - 2001. She is the ONLY former First Lady ever to run for President herself. She is also the ONLY former First Lady ...


Some surprising facts about Hillary Clinton include the fact that she hasn't driven a car since 1996, she is a Grammy winner and she is a former Republican. Former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the only First Spouse to be elected to national office.


Here are some fun facts about her that you probably weren’t aware of: Fact #1. Young Hillary was never interested in politics, she instead dreamed of becoming a Journalist, baseball player or an astronaut! Fact #2. Clinton spent the summer of 1969 working in a canning factory in Alaska.


18 Little-Known Facts about Hillary Clinton that you must know. by Unbelievable Facts Oct 26, 2016, 2:31 am 80 Views. 1. ... we’ve collected some interesting facts about Hillary Clinton for you. ... but also in terms of some other things. Hillary was raised in a politically conservative and United Methodist family. While Bill, had a troubled ...


Read Fast Facts from CNN about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and learn more information about the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate.


Here are 14 Interesting Hillary Clinton facts. 1-5 Hillary Clinton Facts Image credit: justiceforakwaibom.wordpress.com 1. During a visit to Egypt in 2012, Hillary Clinton was pelted with tomatoes and shoes, while the protesters chanted "Monica, Monica". - Source 2. Hillary Clinton was president of Young Republicans in


Are you interested to learn about one of the United States more recent presidents, Bill Clinton? Bill Clinton Facts . He was born on August 19, 1946. His birthplace was Hope, Arkansas. Clinton lived in Little Rock with his family. Clinton was baptized at Park Place Baptist Church. His father died in a car accident three months before he was born.