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Recipes for mincemeat tarts using frozen pastry shells include the Frozen Mincemeat Cream Tarts recipe from GardenGuides.com and the Mincemeat Tarts recipe from GoodHousekeeping.com. If desired, use frozen phyllo dough for the tart shells in Good Housekeeping's Mincemeat Tarts.


While the tart shells are still frozen, spoon about 1 tbsp of Mincemeat into each one. Using the back of a spoon, smooth over the Mincemeat to create a flat surface. Spinkle the top of each tart with approximately 1 tbsp of the Crumble. Do NOT press down. Bake at 400' for 15 minutes or until edges of the pastry shell are lightly browned.


Mincemeat Tarts. Ingredients for the filling: 2 cups of homemade mincemeat (almost); whatever is leftover after making Homemade Mincemeat Ice Cream OR this recipe for Green Tomato Mincemeat that I now use which is the ultimate (phenomenal recipe!) Ingredients for the crust: one round of homemade Tenderflake Pastry, recipe here; Instructions:


To serve, spoon 1 rounded teaspoon mincemeat filling into each tart shell. Spoon cream-cheese mixture into pastry bag with medium-size rosette tube. Pipe some cream-cheese mixture onto mincemeat ...


Easy recipe using store bought ingredients pepped up with a little brandy and apple. Using ready-rolled frozen pastry makes these tarts very quick to make. If you don't have a tart tray with shallow cups, use a muffin tray but cut the circles of pastry just slightly larger than the base of the cups so that it makes a shallow tart. I have assumed that the tarts will be cooked in three batches ....


The Best Mince Puff Pastry Recipes on Yummly | Puff Pastry Garlic Knots, Easy Puff Pastry Garlic Knots, Puff Pastry Mince Pie Square. Sign Up / Log In My Feed Articles Plan & Shop Browse. Saved Recipes ... feta cheese, fresh spinach, puff pastry shells and 5 more . Beef Puff Pastry Foodista. egg white, ground beef, pepper, salt, onion, butter ...


If using frozen pastry shells, place 1 on a baking sheet in its foil pan. If using a pastry mix, prepare according to package directions. Then, line a flan pan or a 9-inch (23-cm) pie plate with ...


If you make these together then it works out that 1 recipe for Pie Dough will make 2 dozen mini butter tarts and 2 dozen mini mincemeat tarts with maybe 6 - 7 extras. The Butter Tart filling recipe above makes just enough to fill the 2 dozen mini butter tart shells plus 3 extra.


Preheat oven to 400. Fill tart shells with mincemeat. Take the pie shell pastry and cut out little tops for the tarts. Whisk the egg and a tsp of water together. Brush over the tops and then sprinkle with granulated sugar. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until the pastry has browned. For a mincemeat pie, bake for about 20-30 minutes.


Put your tart shells, still frozen, on the tray and fill a good 3/4 of the way. I say still frozen because I have found when they are defrosted the filling leaks through the pastry, not ruining them, but making them softer. A good frozen tart shell will hold the contents in, and cook at the same time.