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Well-known for its wide sandy beaches and deep blue waters, Wrightsville Beach is one of the best beaches in North Carolina and attracts many travelers from all over the U.S. There are 44 public access points to Wrightsville Beach, which means the crowds of visitors usually spread out throughout the stretch, so you won’t be fighting for space.


Millions of visitors head to North Carolina’s beaches every year to rent palatial estates and charming beach bungalows along the state’s best beachfront areas. Pack your swimsuit for a visit to the best beaches in North Carolina. Stretching for 72 miles along the Atlantic Coast on the Outer ...


North Carolina is home to some of America’s most beautiful beaches. Whether you’re looking for a beach that offers scenic beauty along with lots of things to do, or simply an ideal spot for soaking up the sun and the sand, these beaches are for you. Holden Beach is an ideal destination for ...


The North Carolina coast comprises 300 miles of barrier-island beaches, each with its own unique vibe and variety of things to do. And quaint coastal towns and endless activities guarantee there’s always something new to explore – a fresh perspective in a familiar setting that brings visitors ...


#8 in Best North Carolina Beaches Ocracoke Island may be a bit more difficult to get to than other spots on the Outer Banks, but travelers say the views from the coast are worth it.


This bustling seaside town is a major summer spot in the southern tip of North Carolina, about 60 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach.In the 1950s, a hurricane wiped out the area, leaving only five buildings in its wake; but Oak Island has now become a popular getaway destination for those desiring a family-friendly beach with a small-town feel.


The best beaches in North Carolina are found along the Outer Bank.The well known Cape Hatteras and Cape Fear are just the beginning of some of the great beaches in North Carolina. Most of the areas mentioned are also places where excellent North Carolina beach rentals can be located for a vacation stay of a weekend or an entire week.


Stretches of remote, rarely crowded beaches and a string of beautiful barrier islands characterize North Carolina's coast. However, those looking for busier beaches will enjoy the several beaches near the more developed areas such as Kitty Hawk and Nags Head, NC.The lighthouses along the coast are some of the most beautiful and romantic in the country and many can be toured.


15 Best Beaches in South Carolina South Carolina’s Atlantic coastline is a popular playground for travelers from all over the United States. Whether you are searching for a peaceful beach or a destination with a variety of entertainment options, the beaches in South Carolina will not disappoint.


USA Today has put together a travel guide of the 10 best beaches in the Carolinas. If you thought Myrtle Beach would be number one, you’d be wrong. Wrightsville Beach here in North Carolina tops ...