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While the desert with its extreme climate and lack of precipitation may seem like an odd place for wildlife, it is home to some of the most beautiful and unique plants on earth. With desert plants like cacti, succulents, wildflowers and unique trees, it is a unique landscape of natural beauty.


These plants are sturdily built to adapt to the toughness and extremity of the desert. But they are beautiful, something so rare that they remain a major tourist attraction. It was tough to put 9 common desert plants in the same list because the variety of plants differs in every desert across the world owing to their different climatic conditions.


Plants that grow in the desert names and pictures: For an Authentic Desert Garden To make a realistic attempt at desert gardening one needs to know the desert plants to use. Dry gardens take drought-tolerant plants and ones designed to live in hot dry arid places.


At first glance, the desert may seem like an endless swath of lifeless land. But it's actually home to hundreds of plant species— including a variety of wildflowers, cacti, trees, shrubs, and grasses. Desert plants come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes so vibrant and unique that they can transform landscapes into living works of art.


There are different desert plants that adapt to the hard, rocky and dry soil of the desert. Contrary to a common misconception that only a few plants are able to survive the harsh climate, the desert is one of the most bio-diverse ecosystems on Earth, with many species of plants and animals co-existing.


Popular desert plants include the Palo Verde tree, the Queen Victoria agave, the golden poppy, and the Mexican thread grass. To help you identify the many desert plants there are, we created a compendium below of 127 of the most stunning desert plants and succulents. Desert plants can be classified into three main categories: Cacti and ...


The common names of plants will, presumably, always be with us in some form or other, because they are easier to relate to and roll off the tongue better than the corresponding scientific names of plants.In an informal setting, who would be pedantic enough to prefer Cerastium tomentosum as a handle to the much more romantic "snow-in-summer"?In fact, some botanical names are downright ugl...


The deserts of Southern California are home to such a wide variety of plants because they’re actually made up of two major ecosystems: the Mojave Desert, which is higher, cooler, and wetter; and ...


It was hard to place only 9 common desert plants in the same list because there are varieties of plants that will differ in every single desert all over the world that owing to different climates. Below are 9 plants that are the most common and general plants that are found in almost every single desert.


The desert offers a surprisingly diverse selection of low-water-use landscape plants. Blending this distinctive palette of colors, forms, and textures allows you to create plant combinations to suit any landscape situation. Browse our gallery to find creative options that ensure year-round color, seasonal interest, and a wealth of other ...