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Interesting facts about the Navy include that the firing of gun salutes occurs in odd numbers at five-second intervals, that Navy tattoos have special significance, that the Secretary of the Navy names the ships and that the Naval mascot is a goat. Some notable celebrities have served in the Navy.


11 Things You Might Not Know About the U.S. Navy. BY David W Brown. March 4, 2016. ... His adoptive father, Captain David Porter, probably had some hand in this. At age twelve, Farragut fought in ...


Explore some surprising facts about the seafaring branch of the U.S. armed forces, from its humble beginnings during the Revolutionary War to its arrival as a world powerhouse.


> Did You Know? 7 Fun Facts About the Navy SEALs. Did You Know? 7 Fun Facts About the Navy SEALs. October 29, 2015 by Star Spangled Flags Only 1 in 5 Candidates Become a Navy SEAL ... According to some reports, SEALs may train for more than two and a half years before being deployed. SEALs Make Up a Fraction of the U.S. Navy.


The US Navy has a long and proud tradition and history. The US Navy claims its origin as a resolution by the 2nd Continental Congress, October 13, 1775, thus it is older than the United States, as Independence day was July 4th 1776. The US Navy ...


The Navy SEAL's are legendary! Becoming a Navy SEAL is not easy, only the elite make it through. Here are 10 interesting facts about Navy Seal's you may not


SEAL teams operated extensively in coastal areas and rivers of South Vietnam, earning distinction in the Mekong River delta region where there was heavy enemy activity. Since 9/11, the SEALs have played a vital role in the War on Terror, conducting numerous missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Here are five surprising facts about the U.S. Navy ...


The Royal Navy is the navy of the United Kingdom.It is the oldest part of the British fighting forces. Because it is the oldest, it is called the "Senior Service". From the 18th century until World War II, it was the largest and strongest navy in the world.The Royal Navy was very important in making Britain the superpower of that time. The Naval Service is made up of the Royal Navy, Roya...


With a staggering budget of over $600 billion dollars the United States is the world’s leader in Air craft and air craft carriers while boasting of an alarming +7K nuclear warheads. But these weapons are not the only things that set this military apart. Here are 25 surprising facts about the United States Military.


Steadfast to the bitter end, Navy tradition isn’t all rum punch and pollywogs. For its 240th Birthday, here are 12 things you may not know about the United States Navy: If you’re pulling duty on a submarine, it’s not by chance. Due to the claustrophobic and technical nature of the ...