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Pedro Alvares Cabral was an explorer most famous as the first European to see Brazil. Cabral saw the coast of Brazil on April 22, 1500, and claimed the land for Portugal. He explored the coast for 12 days, landing just north of what is now Rio de Janeiro.


Pedro Álvares Cabral. Pedro Álvares Cabral (c. 1467-1520) was a Portuguese navigator who discovered Brazil on a voyage to India. Born on the family estate in Belmonte, Pedro Álvares Cabral grew up close to the Portuguese court. As a nobleman, he served in the council of King Manuel I and received the habit of the Order of Christ.


Pedro Alvares Cabral, Portuguese navigator who is generally credited as the first European to reach Brazil (April 22, 1500). His expedition was also the second from Europe (after Vasco da Gama) to reach India via the sea route around the Cape of Good Hope.


Pedro Álvares Cabral (c. 1467 or 1468 Belmonte – c. 1520 Santarém) was a Portuguese nobleman, navigator and explorer who was the first European to see Brazil (on 22 April 1500). King Manuel I of Portugal sent Cabral on an expedition to India. Cabral sailed on 9 March 1500, with 13 ships, following the route of Vasco da Gama.


Little is certain regarding Pedro Álvares Cabral's life before, or following, his voyage which led to the discovery of Brazil. He was born in 1467 or 1468—the former year being the most likely —at Belmonte, about 30 kilometres (19 mi) from present-day Covilhã in central Portugal. He was a son of Fernão Álvares Cabral and Isabel Gouveia—one of five boys and six girls in the family.


some say that there was no information or trace that Pedro Alvares Cabral had children, wife, or sisters. But it is known that he was the third son of his father Fernao Cabral.


Pedro Alvares Cabral was the first European to discover Brazil and also established a successful sea route to India and was a leader in commercial expedition there. ... Several of the Portuguese sailors gave some of the Indians tin crucifixes (crosses) to wear around their necks. 8 Cabral was ready to continue his mission to India.


1501 June 23: Pedro Alvares Cabral arrived in Lisbon with just four ships of the thirteen that had started the adventure; Nothing more of Pedro Alvares Cabral is known. But it is believed that he died in 1520. Pedro Alvares Cabral and the Mystery of Brazil The voyage of exploration of Pedro Alvares Cabral is a mystery.


(1467?–1520). The Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral claimed Brazil for Portugal in 1500. Although European explorers had seen the coast of Brazil from their ships, no one had set foot on it before Cabral. An admiral in the Portuguese navy, he also sailed to India.


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