Some interesting facts about Eleanor Roosevelt include: her father was an alcoholic, she was the first First Lady to become an active participant in her husband's politics and she knew Franklin Roosevelt as a child. Elea... More »

Theodore Roosevelt, nicknamed Teddy, was the 26th president of the United States. He served as president from 1901 until 1909. He also served as governor of New York in 1891 and served as vice president to William McKinl... More »

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States, becoming known as a "trust buster" for his fight against industrial monopolies, and focusing much of his time on conservationist policies. For his role in e... More »

Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the longest-serving First Lady of the United States. She was also a diplomat, politician, writer and activist. More » History Modern History US History

A picture of Eleanor Roosevelt with her husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt, can be found on the website of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. Ken Burns' documentary, "The Roosevelts: An Intimate Histo... More » History Modern History US History

Eleanor Roosevelt's most notable accomplishments include transforming the role of the first lady, co-founding Val-Kill Industries and overseeing the drafting of the Universal Human Declaration of Rights. Roosevelt was a ... More »

Thanks to the efforts of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, the New Deal included economic relief for women in the form of work opportunities, unemployment compensation and the ability to form unions. Prior to the First Lady'... More »