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Caddo men often wore their hair in Mohawks, while women wore their hair in buns. Today, most Caddos live in western-style houses or apartments and wear more generic American clothing, except during ceremonial events. Artistically, Caddo Indians are most famous for their ornate pottery, which is made in a variety of styles.


On this page of the Southeast American Indian Facts category you will find interesting facts about the Caddo Indians. These Indians who are mostly from Oklahoma also originally occupied areas of Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana where they had lived for centuries.


Some Caddo people believe it comes from the native words for "true chiefs," while others think it was a place name that comes from the Caddo word for "sharp." Where do the Caddo Indians live? The Caddos are original residents of the southern Plains, particularly Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Most Caddo people today live in Oklahoma.


The Caddo formed confederations to protect and defend themselves from other tribes with their large numbers. They were friendly with most of the tribes to the west and south of them. To the north the Osage Indians were enemies. They also traded goods all over Texas, the Mississippi river valley and the southeastern United States.


There are a lot of interesting facts. One of them is that Ancient Southwest Indians cut a hole in the center of their pottery so the "spirit" of the vessel could join its owner in the afterlife.


The Caddo were farmers who lived in East Texas. There were two main groups of the Caddo in Texas. One major Caddo tribe was the Kadohadacho. The Kadohadacho lived in large villages along the Red river near the present day Oklahoma - Arkansas border. The other was the Tejas or Hasinais Caddo who lived around present day Nacogdoches.


Caddo Indian Facts. There are different Caddo tribe facts that have been passed down from generation to generation or were discovered during excavations of the areas where the tribe called home in the past. A few of the Caddo facts include the weapons they used which were the tomahawk, bows, and arrows and lances.


the caddo were farmers and made great pottery. They lived in the Piney woods forest and there favorite tree was the bois De arc and they made up the name tejas which is now Texas and our state.


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He wrote: “I found that not a single Zambo was present in Caddo, and that Zambos had never even dwelled there. I found only whites, blacks, and Indians, numbering 350.” At least he had some very positive things to say about Caddo in his book, Travels and Researches in Native America, 1882-1883.