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This basic recipe is easy to double or triple for larger projects; just be sure to keep the proportions intact. The fresher your spices the more pungent your pickling blend will be. Spices that have been ground into a fine powder have more surface area and should be used carefully or they will overpower the mix.


I can every year and I love to use this pickling spice for my pickles. Everyone says they are the best they have ever had. —Olivia Miller, Memphis, Tennessee ... Homemade Pickling Spice Recipe photo by Taste of Home Next Recipe . Test Kitchen Approved; 4 reviews; ... PB&J Chex Mix. Spicy Chocolate Orange Snack Mix. Festive Cranberry Colada.


While pickling spice can be found in the canning supply or spice aisle of many stores, you may want to mix your own if you grow some of the spices or if you dislike the taste of certain spices or have allergies to them. Your pickling spice recipe can be tailored to fit your taste or the recipes you commonly follow.


Pickling spice is actually a mix of spices that are used, as you might guess, when pickling. Pickling spice can also be added to the salt water when brining meats for extra flavor. There is no set answer as to what pickling spice is. It's a combination of spices and can include as few as two ingredients to many, many more.


Try this pickling spice recipe in your pickles instead of buying a pre-made pickling spice. Simply substitute this home made version. The spices will be tied in a cheesecloth bag and cooked to release the flavors. Then removed before canning.


Or go the homemade route, using a recipe like one of the following: pickling spice recipes. Marisa McLellan of the popular site Food in Jars [dot] com shared her recipe (free of cinnamon sticks, by the way) on NPR. From Epicurious, the recipe includes dill seed and nutmeg, in addition to the basics above.


I go through lots of Homemade Pickling Spice! This Pickling Spice Recipe is used in this Slow Cooker Corned Venison Recipe, Homemade Corned Venison, cucumber pickles (which I have yet to post, but will soon), zucchini pickles, pickled red cabbage (which I am totally making tomorrow), and sauerkraut.


Actually, pickling spice has nothing to do with the actual pickling process, rather its sole job is to add the spice and flavor to your pickling brine. So instead of letting some company determine what flavor that your pickles will absorb, make your own and rest assured that the flavor is one that both you and your family will enjoy.


Tie some of this mix in a square of cheesecloth and tie closed with kitchen string. You can add it to stewed fruits, use it in a pot roast recipe, or add it to a marinade for a crudite platter or just for some simple pickled vegetables. It is also delicious in any quick pickle recipe. Use it instead of the spices and herbs called for in that ...


A healthy dose of fresh, peeled garlic cloves, a homemade pickling spice recipe and hot peppers give these dill pickles a seriously delicious kick. Let’s be clear about one thing. I am a lot of things, but a mathematician I am not. Instead of adding up numbers or figuring out right quadrangles ...