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Some ideas for graduation cakes include a book-themed cake, a scroll cake for honor students and a mortarboard hat cake, notes Wilton. These cakes rely on fondant to add much of the decorative effects.


Ideas for Sweet 16 cakes include using a special theme such as the beach, sports or 1980s design. Consider the birthday person's interests, and have a cake made in the shape of a shopping bag, basketball or animal.


Some ideas for first birthday cakes include smash cakes, animal cakes and themed cakes. These cakes are usually more for the parents than the kids, so can be decorated to the parents' tastes.


Some Halloween cake ideas include a cookies and cream cake using Oreos and fondant strips to make spiders on the sides or a cake with gooey icing and plastic or candy insects all over it. For a vampire theme, make a red velvet cake with white icing and drops of red food coloring splashed over the to


Some birthday cake ideas for kids include building a castle, a dump truck and a snake made out of a train of cupcakes. Birthday cakes can also be rocket ships or footballs. Other ideas are a purse, a dinosaur, a dragon and a guitar.


Simple ideas for decorating cakes include covering the cake with cookie balloons, candy, fruit or even small snack cakes. Sprinkles, chocolate drizzle and food-coloring doodles are other simple options for a fun and festive cake.


Some birthday cake ideas include fondant cakes with varying designs, frosting cakes with animal designs, and cakes with props such as ice cream cones, decorations that stand on top of the cake or other objects that surround the bottom or edges of the cake. Other birthday cake ideas include using a v


Some ideas for square wedding cakes include adding cascading flowers down the side and wrapping each tier with a ribbon design around the sides. This ribbon design can have a variety of patterns, including flowers or polka dots. A square wedding cake also lends itself to a design that reflects moder


Some great birthday cakes for an adult are champagne cake with fresh strawberries, mango carrot cake, graham cracker cake, Italian cream cake, chocolate layer cake and red velvet cake. The cake baker should make the cake according to the guest of honor's preferred flavor or filling.


Baby shower cakes are a traditional part of modern baby showers. Inscribing the cake with a cute, clever or unique quote is one way of expressing best wishes to the parents-to-be. Some gender neutral quotes are: "Pink or Blue, May Your Wish Come True," "Diapers and Pins, Now the Fun Begins," "A Star