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Watermelon is surprisingly good for you and recent research is showing that eating this sweet tasting melon, and particularly drinking it as fresh juice, can have some significant health benefits. Here’s 6 good reasons to eat more watermelon, or better still, make up watermelon juice with a simple instructions ahead. 1.


Health benefits of drinking watermelon juice. The health benefits of watermelon juice do come from the fact that the fruit is a great way to keep hydrated, especially during the hot months.


10 Watermelon Juice Benefits and 1 Bad Side Effect. Superfoodly July 15, 2019. 57. SHARES. ... Watermelon juice health benefits 1. Among the highest lycopene foods. ... then in theory, watermelon juice may be a good alternative. Not pure though because of the sugar, but as something to mix in with your water. ...


Health Benefits of Watermelon Juice (And Other Melons) Weight Loss Melons of all kinds are made up of about 90% water which means they’re absolutely perfect for fighting hunger pangs without packing on the pounds.


I have some mixed feelings and thoughts about watermelon and watermelon juice.In the past, I used to consume a lot of watermelon either as juice or in its raw form. But as of recently, I am not so sure about its health benefits.


Watermelon juice is rich in electrolytes, which help keep the body hydrated and prevent heat stroke. Watermelon is a nutrient-dense food, with vitamins C, A and B-6, choline and amino acids. Watermelon also contains antioxidants and lycopene.


Watermelon has been used for ages in folk medicine, and now current research shows it can also protect the liver, heal muscles and provide other health benefits. When you juice watermelon or drink store-bought watermelon water such as WTRMLN WTR, you get a concentrated source of its beneficial ...


Health Benefits of Watermelon Juice. Watermelon juice is very cleansing, alkalizing, diuretic and mineralizing. Watermelon is so rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients. The benefits of drinking watermelon juice is that it is easily digestible and the nutrients are quickly absorbed by your body at the cellular level.


Watermelon Juice Health Benefits Watermelon juice helps prevent cancer , reduce inflammation, and aid weight loss . Other health benefits of watermelon juice include its ability to beautify the skin , optimize kidney health, improve digestive processes, and boost vision, among others.


Top 9 Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon Written by Kerri-Ann Jennings, MS, RD on August 9, 2018 Watermelon is a delicious and refreshing fruit that's also good for you.